Mar 18, 2018  
2010-2011 VSCC Catalog 
2010-2011 VSCC Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education

Required General Education Courses

  • Humanities and/or Fine Arts Credits: (9)
    (Must include at least one Lit)
  • Natural Sciences Credits: (8)
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences Credits: (3)

Recommended Area of Emphasis Courses

  • PHED Credit: (1)
    Physical Education Activity Course
  • College Electives Credits: (6)
    Any University-Parallel Courses
    Transfer institution requirements must be considered.

Computer Literacy Requirement

See for Computer Literacy Requirements

A.A. Degree Requirement

Students wishing to graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree must have two semesters of the same college-level foreign language.