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2018-2019 Vol State Catalog 
2018-2019 Vol State Catalog
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PSCI 1030 - ^An Introduction to Physical Science

This course is an interdisciplinary approach to the physical realm with an emphasis on the fundamental principles of the four Physical Science disciplines: Chemistry, Physics, Geology and Astronomy. The course is designed for non-science majors to develop an understanding of scientific methods and an appreciation of their world. THERE IS A $20 LAB FEE FOR THIS COURSE AS APPROVED BY THE TENNESSEE BOARD OF REGENTS.

Semester Availabilty: (Subject to Change) Fall
Prerequisites: Acceptable placement scores or completion of all Learning Support Competencies in Reading and Writing and an ACT MATH subscore of 19 (or equivalent) or completion (with a grade of C or higher) of MATH 1005  or a higher course
Corequisites: PSCI 1030L

Contact Hours: Three lecture hours per week
Laboratory Hours: Two laboratory hours per week
General Education: Course can be used to meet Minimum General Education Core requirements.
Credits: (4)

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