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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

University Parallel, A.S. - General Studies

Degree: Associate of Science
Major: University Parallel
Area of Emphasis: General Studies

For more information, contact the Humanities division at 615-230-3200 or at humanities@volstate.edu.

This pathway is the most flexible pathway offered for students at VSCC. Students who do not know what to major in, who are looking to advance their career, or who want a major we do not offer should pursue this option. Students should work with an advisor to customize their studies to fit their interests while completing the General Education core. This pathway is for students planning to continue their education to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

All Technical Certificates are embedded within the Associate of Arts, General Studies area of emphasis.  Courses in the certificates may be used to award this area of emphasis.

Transfer Options
This emphasis is not currently a part of a Tennessee Transfer Pathway, and, therefore, it may not be fully transferable. Since general education and major requirements vary from one transfer institution to another, it is essential that transfer students decide on a transfer institution as soon as possible and refer to the general education and major requirements in that institution’s catalog when planning a program of study. Contact your advisor for additional information.

All students graduating with a degree from VSCC are required to take the E-Proficiency Profile (EPP) to meet graduation requirements. More information can be found at https://www.volstate.edu/graduation/exit-exams.

CIP Code: (16) 24.0101.01

General Education Requirements - Credits (41)

Area of Emphasis Requirements - Credits (19)

  • Electives Credits: (19) *

An elective can be any college-level course; however, they should be carefully selected in consultation with an advisor. Students should choose courses appropriate for transfer to the senior institution they have selected. Please note the section under Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the General Education section of the Catalog for course pairs not allowed to apply toward graduation. Any course designated with an asterisk (*) in the catalog is a career/technical course and is not intended for transfer.

Suggested Courses & Tracks

Students may wish to pursue a suggested elective “track” of related courses depending on transfer plans.  See advisor for more information.

Students interested in pursuing a four-year degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), including professional health care degrees, should pursue the Mathematics and Science pathway.  Contact the Mathematics and Science division for more information.

Suggested Courses for Electives
ART 253   ART 1035    ART 2000    ART 2020   
ASTR 1030   BIOL 1030    BIOL 1050    BIOL 1060   
CHEM 1030   COMM 1010    COMM 2045    COMM 2085   
COMM 2090   COMM 2095    COMM 280T    ECON 2100   
ECON 2200   ENGL - Any Literature Course ENGL 2860      FREN 1010      
FREN 1020      GEOG 1012      GEOG 2010     GEOL 1030   
GEOL 1050   GEOL 1060   HED 120   HIST 2010  
HIST 2020   HIST 2030   HIST 2060   HIST 2310  
HIST 2320   HUM 275   HUM 280T   INFS 1010  
ISCI 1030   MATH 1530   MUS 1030   PHIL 110  
PHIL 1030   PHIL 1040   PHYS 1030   POLS 1010  
POLS 1030   PSCI 1030    PSYC 1030   SOCI 1010  
SPAN 1010   SPAN 1020   THEA 1030   


Humanities Elective Track
ART 253    ART 1035    ART 2000    COMM 280T   
ENGL - Any Literature Course ENGL 2860    HUM 275    HUM 280T   
PHIL 110    PHIL 1030    PHIL 1040    SPAN 1010   
SPAN 1020    THEA 1030       


Career Readiness Elective Track
COMM 1010    COMM 2025   or COMM 2045    COMM 2085    COMM 2090   
COMM 2095    ECON 2100    ECON 2200    HUM 275   
INFS 1010     PHIL 110       

Total Degree Requirements - Credits (60)

Recommended Schedule

This is a recommended schedule. Learning Support, pre-requisites and other academic factors may impact this schedule.  See your advisor to create a degree plan.

DegreeWorks, along with the correct catalog, should be utilized by students for all of their educational planning.  Students can monitor their progress toward a degree or certificate and view missing requirements with the DegreeWorks audit, which is accessible through My Volstate.

First Year - Fall Semester - Credits (15)

First Year - Spring Semester - Credits (15)

Second Year - Fall Semester - Credits (16)

  • Natural Sciences  (See General Education Requirements in Catalog) Credits: (4)
  • History  (See General Education Requirements in Catalog) Credits: (3)
  • Humanities and/or Fine Arts  (Literature Course - See General Education Requirements in Catalog) Credits: (3)
  • Electives Credits: (3) *
  • Electives Credits: (3) *

Second Year - Spring Semester - Credits (14)

  • Natural Sciences  (See General Education Requirements in Catalog) Credits: (4)
  • History  (See General Education Requirements in Catalog) Credits: (3)
  • Electives Credits: (7) *