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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

University Parallel, A.A. - Psychology (TTP)

Degree: Associate of Arts
Major: University Parallel
Area of Emphasis: Psychology

For more information, contact the Social Science and Education division at 615-230-3231.

This pathway is for students planning to continue their education to earn a bachelor’s degree in the field of psychology.  Professional careers in the field of psychology typically require a master’s degree or a doctoral degree, depending on the career path one is pursuing.  However, with an A.A. degree in psychology, one can often find a job in the following areas: crisis intervention, counselor’s aide or assistant, casework, and mentoring.  An A.A. degree is often used as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree.  For example, with that degree, one could pursue work as a case manager, career counselor, rehabilitation specialist, or psychiatric technician.

Transfer Options
Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTPs) are advising tools designed to help community college students plan for transferring to a Tennessee public university or select regionally accredited, non-profit Tennessee private colleges and universities to complete their baccalaureate degree. The TTPs also constitute an agreement between community colleges and four-year colleges/universities confirming that community college courses meet major preparation requirements. For transfer to other four-year institutions, contact an advisor at the senior institution.  Note: Due to the transferability to a four-year institution, there are to be no course substitutions where a specific course is required in the TTP curriculum guide.  

All students graduating with a degree from VSCC are required to take the E-Proficiency Profile (EPP) to meet graduation requirements. More information can be found at https://www.volstate.edu/graduation/exit-exams.

CIP Code: (16) 24.0101.01

General Education Requirements - Credits (41)

Area of Emphasis Requirements - Credits (19)

Total Degree Requirements - Credits (60)


  1. Students who plan to transfer to the UoM must complete at least one fine arts class under Humanities & Fine Arts general education requirement.
  2. Students intending to transfer to UTC or APSU should complete social/behavioral science courses from two separate disciplines (e.g., SOC 1010; CRMJ 1010, etc.); It is recommended that students take PSYC 1030 at the four-year and choose another approved social/behavioral general education course.
  3. Students intending to transfer to UTK should complete a Western or World History sequence.
  4. Students who plan to transfer to ETSU must complete a natural science sequence.
  5. Students should seek the guidance of four-year advisors before choosing the area of emphasis Psychology requirement. Depending on the four-year institution you select, these courses may be applied to the major or elective requirements.
  6. Students planning to transfer to UoM will need to complete six hours of a 2000 level or higher foreign language to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students who plan to transfer to UTK will be required to demonstrate intermediate-level competency in Foreign Language before graduating from UTK.

Recommended Schedule

This is a recommended schedule. Learning Support, pre-requisites and other academic factors may impact this schedule.  See your advisor to create a degree plan.

DegreeWorks, along with the correct catalog, should be utilized by students for all of their educational planning.  Students can monitor their progress toward a degree or certificate and view missing requirements with the DegreeWorks audit, which is accessible through My Volstate.

First Year - Fall Semester - Credits (15)

First Year - Spring Semester - Credits (15)

Second Year - Fall Semester - Credits (16)

  • Foreign Language (One-Year Sequence in a Single Foreign Language) Credits: (3) 6
  • History  (See General Education Requirements in Catalog) Credits: (3) 3
  • Psychology Credits (Choose from list above) Credits: (3) 5
  • University Parallel Elective (Any Non-Asterisk Course) Credits: (3)
  • Credits: (4)
  • OR  BIOL 1110 - ^General Biology I  Credits: (4) 4

Second Year - Spring Semester - Credits (14)