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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Parallel, A.S. - Pre-Nursing

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Degree: Associate of Science
Major: University Parallel
Area of Emphasis: Pre-Nursing

For more information, contact the Math and Science division at 615-230-3261 or at mathscience@volstate.edu.

This pathway is designed to provide students continuing study to complete the bachelor’s degree in Nursing at most institutions within Tennessee or neighboring states.  Some flexibility is provided in the area of emphasis courses allowing the student and advisor to customize the program of study tailored to the curriculum at the institution of interest. 

It is important that students identify their intended transfer nursing program early in their college career, preferably the first or second semester.  Students are strongly advised to carefully research transfer institution requirements and work closely with their advisor in planning the program of study, preparing for graduation, and applying to the institution and school of nursing. Students who plan to apply for a two-year Nursing A.A.S. degree program should work with an advisor on a course of study designed to meet the specific Nursing A.A.S. entrance requirements. 

Students who plan to apply for Volunteer State’s Nursing A.A.S. program should follow the first two semesters specified by that program. 

Transfer Options

This area of study has been created to permit some flexibility in the curriculum to meet the requirement of most nursing programs.  Because nursing school entrance requirements can change without notice, students are strongly advised to contact the senior institution for specific program of study requirements for admission to the nursing program. All nursing programs are extremely competitive, and students are directed to consult their advisor each semester before registering for classes and planning for graduation.  Completion of all pre-requisite courses and the A.S. degree does not guarantee admission, as each school of nursing has its own admissions requirements, standards, and criteria for selection. Some schools of nursing require that their introductory nursing course or other courses not specified by this area of study be taken prior to admission.

All students graduating with a degree from VSCC are required to take the E-Proficiency Profile (EPP) to meet graduation requirements. More information can be found at https://www.volstate.edu/graduation/exit-exams.

CIP Code: (16) 24.0101.01

General Education Requirements - Credits (41)

Students are STRONGLY advised to carefully research transfer institution requirements and work closely with their advisor BEFORE enrolling in the following general education courses. Closely review the footnotes for each requirement.

Area of Emphasis Requirements - Credits (19-20)

Students are STRONGLY advised to carefully research transfer institution requirements and work closely with their advisor BEFORE enrolling in the following courses or selecting electives from the approved list. Closely review the footnotes for each requirement.

Total Degree Requirements - Credits (60-61)


1 The VSCC Nursing A.A.S.   program requires credit or enrollment in courses indicated by this footnote prior to application to the Nursing A.A.S. program. The Humanities/Fine Arts requirement is 3 credits and MATH 1530 is the math course required in the A.A.S. program. Review the Nursing A.A.S. program guide for the 3 credit Guided Elective options. 

2 Some senior institutions have specific humanities/fine arts requirements.

3 Many senior institutions require credit to be earned in the 5 years prior to admission.  Some do not accept for credit BIOL 2010/2020 taken online.

4 Some senior institutions have requirements other than or in addition to PSYC 1030 and SOCI 1010.

5 Some senior institutions require World History; some require US History; some will accept either.

6 Some senior institutions require Statistics; some require College Algebra or higher; some require both.

7 Some senior institutions require or will accept BIOL 2100.

8 The VSCC Anatomy and Physiology faculty strongly recommend completing a chemistry course as preparation for BIOL 2010.  Some senior institutions require a chemistry course. 

9 Recommended.  Required by most schools of nursing.

10 Required by a few schools of nursing.

Recommended Schedule

This is a recommended schedule. Learning Support, pre-requisites and other academic factors may impact this schedule.  See your advisor to create a degree plan.

DegreeWorks, along with the correct catalog, should be utilized by students for all of their educational planning.  Students can monitor their progress toward a degree or certificate and view missing requirements with the DegreeWorks audit, which is accessible through My Volstate.

First Year - Fall Semester - Credits (16)

First Year - Spring Semester - Credits (16)

Second Year - Fall Semester - Credits (16)

Second Year - Spring Semester - Credits (13)

  • Credits: (4) 1, 7
  • History  (See General Education Requirements in Catalog) Credits: (3) 5
  • Humanities and/or Fine Arts  (Literature Course - See General Education Requirements in Catalog) Credits: (3) 2
  • Pre-Nursing Elective (Choose from list above) Credits: (3) 4, 6, 9, 10

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