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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog
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EMSA 1502 - *Advanced EMT Trauma and Medical Emergencies

The Advanced EMT Trauma and Medical Emergencies is one of two lecture courses that includes basic and limited advanced skills focused on the acute management and transportation of critical and emergent patients.  This course includes the following topics: obstetrics and gynecology, neonatal care, pediatric emergencies, geriatric emergencies, environmental emergencies, patients with special challenges, EMS operations, trauma and shock.  Trauma and shock will include the following topics: bleeding, soft tissue injuries, head & spine injuries, face & neck injuries, chest injuries, abdominal & genitourinary injuries, and orthopedic injuries.

Semester Availability: (Subject to Change) Fall, Spring
Prerequisites: Admission to Advanced EMT program.
Corequisites: EMSA 1111 , EMSA 1112 , EMSA 1201 , EMSA 1202 , and EMSA 1501  
Contact Hours: 75 lecture hours per semester
Vocational/Career Program Designation:  *Designated primarily for vocational/career programs   

This course may be accepted as transfer credit by some colleges and universities, but that decision is made by the receiving institution. This course is collegiate level work, but it has been developed with a purpose other than being a university parallel course.
Division: Health Sciences
Department: Emergency Medical Technician

Credits: (5)

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