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2017-2018 VSCC Catalog 
2017-2018 VSCC Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office of Resource Development


Volunteer State College Foundation

The Volunteer State College Foundation was chartered in 1989 as a 501 (c)(3) charitable corporation separate from the college but organized to provide support for the needs of the College.  The mission of the Foundation is:  To raise and administer funds to support the educational objectives of Volunteer State Community College and to solicit the active involvement of all communities within our service area.

Our vision is:  To turn the hopes and dreams of our students and the communities we serve into realities by developing long term relationships with our donors.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is a volunteer group of community leaders from throughout the College’s twelve county service area.  Their pledge is to augment the financial resources of the College by increasing the number and amount of contributions to the Foundation.  The Foundation provides scholarship opportunities for students along with funding for other projects of the college.

Management of the Foundation is provided by the Vice President for Resource Development and Executive Director of the Foundation.  The College underwrites all salaries and benefits of Foundation staff.

Students only need to submit one on-line application to be considered for Foundation Scholarships. A FAFSA for the current academic year will also need to be completed. 

Applications may be completed by going to http://www.volstate.edu/Foundation/Scholarship.php

Board of Trustees 

For a list of our current Trustees please visit http://www.volstate.edu/Foundation/Trustees.php

Alumni Relations

The College is proud of its growing Alumni Association and wishes to both maintain contact and nourish support through magazines, personal visits, and alumni activities.  The Alumni Association is governed by an Advisory Council.  Through the Council’s efforts, the Alumni Association awards one need-based scholarship for family members of Volunteer State College Alumni each year. For information on scholarship details and eligibility, please visit http://www.volstate.edu/Alumni/Scholarship.php

For more information regarding how you can stay in contact with your alma mater please visit http://www.volstate.edu/Alumni/