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    Volunteer State Community College
  Dec 13, 2017
2013-2014 VSCC Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Paramedic Technical Certificate

The Paramedic Technical Certificate Program is designed to prepare competent entry level graduates in emergency medical care to serve in emergency care settings such as an ambulance service. Using the most current National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards, discussions include the application of advanced patient assessment, problem recognition, and advanced treatment modalities for medical, trauma, and environmental emergencies. Clinical exposures in local hospitals and EMS Services assure appropriate experience in dealing with emergencies for all age groups including pediatrics and geriatrics.

The program is CLOSED to general enrollment and students are competitively selected. Individuals wishing to be selected must complete the following application process:

  • Application to the College submitted by April 30
  • Application to the Paramedic Program by March 31
  • ACT/SAT scores submitted (students under 21 years of age) or take the College Placement Examination (Compass)
  • Basic EMT Knowledge Examination (see Paramedic Applicant Letter for important dates) 
  • Psychological Profile (see Paramedic Applicant Letter for important dates)
  • Personal Interview

Forms are on-line at


Total Pre-Requisite(s) Courses: 4

Summary of Required Hours

Total Certificate Hours Credits: 50